All of our characters are available for meet & greet sessions. During the meet & greet the characters shake hands, hug and pose with you for photos. In any case, they guarantee an unforgettable day.

Every character has his/her own talents – Fireman Sam loves to extinguish fires and Bob the Builder loves to build. If you have any specific wishes for a meet & greet we are happy to hear them and happy to help you make this a successful day.

The cartoon character parade is a special feature of our work. Approximately 5 to 10 characters, accompanied by music, make it an unforgettable party for the children.

A tour manager attends every meet & greet in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


The Teletubbies are back! The most iconic and influential kids show of the past two decades is returning with a

Pat & Mat

Who doesn’t know them? The famous comical odd-job duo that you can see on the VPRO almost every day! Every

The Smurfs

Who doesn’t know them? The little blue characters with their white hats and trousers, and individual personalities, who live in

The Sandcastle

Toto, Sassa and King Koos live with their dog Finnie in The Sandcastle. This is where they have little adventures

Fireman Sam

This brave fireman is always having exciting adventures with his friends. Would you like to put out a small fire?

Bob the Builder

The success of Bob the Builder is limitless and he is incredibly popular with children in the Netherlands and throughout

Care Bear

Care-a-lot is the place where the care bears live. It is a magical place made from clouds and rainbows. They

Angry Birds

Coming soon!

Twirly Woos

Coming Soon!

Paddington bear

Many generations have grown up with Paddington Bear since he first appeared in the books of Michael Bond in 1958.


This cheerful 5 year old boy is the hero of every pre-school child! Children are certain to recognise him from