Meet & greet
1 x 45 or 3 x 30 minutes
Other times on request

Cartoon character parade
2 x 45 minutes
Other times on request

Take a picture with
4 x 30 minutes
Other times on request

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Dikkie Dik

Dikkie Dik is a Dutch series of children’s picture books, starring the eponymous red tomcat Dikkie Dik. The books are drawn by author Jet Boeke. The series started in 1978 as part of the Dutch version of the children’s TV show Sesame Street, but soon the stories appeared in book stores. In the 1980s the stories in Sesame Street were told by Rudy Kuhn, who had some children surrounding him as an audience, and in 1985 Frank Groothof took over.

Dikkie Dik is well-known by children and their parents and makes every Meet & Greet memorable.